Peppermint Mocha


Peppermint Cacao has all the right feels for sharing time with friends and family. Real peppermint leaf, grown here in the USA, snuggles warmly with roasted cacao and our premium medium-roast coffee for a wonderfully aromatic blend. There's no reason a peppermint drink should be full of sugars, artificial flavors, and syrups: Peppermint Cacao is made with 100% real ingredients; no artificial flavors, no sugar, no odd ingredients.

  • Benefit from naturally occurring theobromine, from Cacao: a more sustainable and softer energy than caffeine
  • Aromatic organic peppermint leaf for an improved flavor
  • Never any artificial flavors or so called "natural flavors". Our coffee is flavored with real botanicals
  • 100% compostable packaging

Organic Ground Coffee
Coffea arabica, Guatemala
Fair Trade, Medium Roast

Cacao (roasted)
Theobroma cacao, Ghana
Rain Forest Alliance Certified
Organic Peppermint Leaf
Mentha piperita, United States


Product weight: 8 oz (226g)

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