Dirty Chai Coffee


Our freshly ground Chai coffee is flavored with real chai spices, that's it! Chai Spice is every bit as energizing as it is nostalgic for slow mornings. The taste of this coffee has been described to us by one of our customers as a "dirty chai without the sugar". Our proprietary blend of organic spices complements our medium-roast coffee for a blend that is both invigorating and exultantly rich. It's time to rethink your standards for chai teas and dirty chais. Makes a delicious and flavorful cold brew, so smooth you don't need to add any creamer.

  • Benefit from real chai spice ingredients: nature's best mood enhancer and digestif

  • Cold-brew approved.  

  • No artificial flavors or preservatives, unlike other flavored coffees

  • 100% compostable packaging

Organic Ground Coffee
Coffea arabica, Guatemala
Fair Trade, Medium Roast

Organic Cinnamon
Cinnamomum verum, Sri Lanka
Organic Ginger Root
Zingiber officinale, India

Organic Cardamom
Elettaria cardamomum, Guatemala

Organic Cloves
Syzygium aromaticum, Madagascar

Organic Nutmeg
Myristica fragrans, Sri Lanka

Organic Star Anise
Illicium verum


Product weight: 8 oz (226g)

Freshly blended in San Diego ☀️