Hi, I'm Eric! I was inspired to create Tuturu Botanical coffee as a fun, natural, and eco-friendly alternative to traditional flavored coffee. I developed the flavors in my own kitchen at home, blending real botanicals like French lavender and Madagascar vanilla with organic fair-trade coffee. 

We only use real ingredients to flavor our coffee. We never use artificial flavors or any so called "natural flavors" - all are produced in a lab and have an environmental and health cost. We package our coffee using compostable coffee bags, and our shipping boxes are made from 100% recycled materials. We borrow from nature what we intend to return.

Tuturu is committed to putting earth first in our way of business: offsetting our environmental impact isn’t an afterthought, but rather an inspiration for everything that we do. Our coffee is fair trade which means family farmers receive fair prices for their harvest, and premiums specifically earmarked for community development projects.

Our hope is that Tuturu Botanical Coffee gives you a new appreciation for the abundant spices and flowers that the earth provides for us in a brew you'll love. Treat yourself to the best with our flavored coffee from botanicals. 

From nature, to earth, love Tuturu.

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